Natalie Glanville-Wallis


A love letter from your soul


Imagine dear one waking up in the morning knowing exactly what you want to do. Your eyes are sparkling with joy and excitement at what is to come. It isn’t a special day. Every day is like this one. You are following your path, your truth, being you. You know why you are here, what to do and for who you are doing it. You are dancing for joy!

Remember who you are. Remember your gifts and use them to make this world a better place. Feel the rush of energy as you come into alignment with your heart’s wishes. This is your purpose. Why you are here. Your answers are printed in your hands. It is a map you carry with you everywhere you go. Your personal compass on your life journey. The feeling of being one with yourself is indescribable. Love yourself by being true to yourself. Only then can you make the difference you are here to make. Leave your imprint on this earth for generations to come. You are here to plant seeds for the future.

You are a beautiful, filled with talents and gifts that are just waiting to be shared.

Remember who you are.



And that is exactly what my commitment to you is about. My coaching bases itself on an established, long standing and successfully applied empirical method: scientific hand analysis. First off, your hands give you answers. Your strengths, your gifts but also your challenges will be revealed during a profound hand analysis. Above all however, you will discover your life purpose and what your non-negotiable needs are. To know them and integrate them into your life will be your first step on the way to becoming who you truly are. That’s when you can start making a difference in the world.


I’d love to accompany you on your way to living a fulfilling life.


Let’s get to know each other!


Schedule an appointment via email or call me at: +49 173 1898588 (Facetime and WhatsApp available).

I look forward to hearing from you.

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