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Humans are social beings and interpersonal relationships play from birth onwards an essential role in our life. The quality of our relationships is decisive for our happiness. Whether within our family, among friends or at work, knowing our emotional type, being true to it but also communicating it enables us to enjoy happy and harmonious relationships.


For this reason I have specialized myself first and foremost in relationship issues. After dealing with this essential foundation, one can build on it and approach work themes and the question of a life purpose.


Do you want to have a happy relationship?

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Personal Pocket Coach: an extraordinary App.


If you are always faced with same problems in your relationships and your work is not fulfilling, a scientific hand analysis is what you are looking for.


You get  personalized guidance based on a scientific hand analysis. It is not automated. I look at and analyse each hand and fingerprint myself. It remains anonymous and you can listen to the recording wherever you want in peace.



It is unique form of guidance, which can lead to extraordinary results. Start with a short analysis, in which I focus on relationship issues. This information alone will enrich your life.


I look forward to seeing your hands!




Your certified Hand Analyst, Natalie Glanville-Wallis



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