Natalie Glanville-Wallis



Born in London, I grew up in south-west France, where I lived for 20 years. At least, I was based there. Between the age of 18 and 25, I spent most of my time in Asia travelling and working. I now live in Cologne, Germany with my husband, son and daughter. My love for travel remains strong whether around Europe or in the remote beauty of the Indian Himalayas. 

Education and training stages

  • Degree in Sociology and social and cultural Anthropology, Toulouse, France
  • IIHA LifePrints Hand Analysis Intensive, International Institute of Handanalysis, California, US
  • IIHA LifePrints Certified Hand Analyst Training
  • IIHA Post Grads Hand Analysis Training


My motivation

Human behaviour and identity have always fascinated me. Thanks to my degree in sociology and ethnology I was able to develop my skills in understanding and analyzing human social relationships after which my desire to understand and help people led me to making documentary films. In these films I interviewed all sorts of people ranging from the Dalai Lama to the street children in Manila and they led to intense and transforming experiences whether with the Tibetans in exile, chili farmers in India or working with Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity for the dying homeless. 

Eventually I came back to Europe which is when I discovered and studied scientific hand analysis, a unique, powerful and life changing tool, that not only enables me to understand people but also help them live a happier life.


Humans are social beings and interpersonal relationships play from birth onwards an essential role in our life. The quality of our relationships is decisive for our happiness. Whether within our family, among friends or at work, knowing our emotional type, being true to it but also communicating it enables us to enjoy happy and harmonious relationships.

For this reason I have specialized myself first and foremost in relationship issues. After dealing with this essential foundation, one can build on it and approach work themes and the question of a life purpose.






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