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How can scientific hand analysis help you?

Discover more about the procedure and its history.

The LifePrints© hand analysis system is the only self-assessment tool you can't fake!

It is an empirically developed and proven system developed by Richard Unger. It is an established, long standing method that has been repeatedly successfully applied.
It reveals the detailed complexity of your character, personality and so called soul psychology:
  • Your emotional type
  • Your life purpose
  • Your gifts
  • Your strengths
  • Your primary and secondary challenges
  •  Your non-negotiable needs

... are just a some of the elements that can be revealed in a scientific hand analysis.

The result is a holistic picture of yourself. You can transform your life by consciously using your hand analysis as a tool to move forward, overcome obstacles and get clear on what you want in life. That is what I help you to do.

Forbes – 02.05.2014 – How Hand Analysis could influence your success by Cheryl Conner

"..the lines in our hands mimic the neural pathways in our brains. In the same way repeated thoughts and actions create ' hard wired' paths in our brains, the more intense the tendency, the deeper and more defined the corresponding lines and marks in our hands."




The first signs of interest in hands and their meaning date back to the prehistoric period of cave drawings. Hand analysis has its roots in India, China and the Middle East, where it was first mentioned and practiced 5000 years ago. In ancient Europe hand analysis was also well-known. Aristotle (384-322 B.C.) called it an “ancient science” and played a significant role in its scientific development. Amongst other things, he taught it to his disciple Alexander the Great. From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance the psychological and medical significance of hand analysis was taught in some of Europe’s universities.

Dermatoglyphics, the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts and shapes of hands originates from Dr.med. Harold Cummins (1894-1976). It is thanks to his research that hand analysis found its way into the medical field. His contemporary Noel Jaquin (1894-1974), Psychologist and diagnostician, studied and worked with William G. Benham, author of “The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading”(1900), to establish a scientific justification of hand analysis. It is thanks to Noel Jaquin that fingerprints became intrinsically tied to western hand analysis.

The revolutionary innovation in hand analysis originates from Richard Unger (USA), who founded the LifePrints©system in the 1970’s. Hereby, ancient palmistry was combined with scientific research on fingerprints.

To go deeper into the matter I recommend Richard Unger’s book “Lifeprints”.

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