"What Natalie Glanville-Wallis did for me was indescribable. She has changed my life. I have always been such a difficult person - struggling to keep friends, keep relationships, keep jobs. Always convinced that I was not good enough or that there was something better out there for me. She has identified my true value and helped me to believe in myself at last. I was so dubious about the 'hands' at first - how could the answers lie in my hands? Ridiculous. But what she identified in me were things that I already knew, but was ignoring for fear of I don't know what. She gave me peace, motivation, and renewed energy to really thrive, rather than just survive. She taught me to work on myself - because ultimately we are all responsible for our own happiness. This was the greatest life lesson and one I will forever be grateful for. Today, life is real life - I have learnt to live, rather than just exist. And all I needed was a nudge in the right direction...something Natalie is made for. Her professionalism and aptitude for understanding each and everyone of us based on our own individual merits is exemplary. Natalie encourages you to look at life with fresh eyes...and it works! Provided you are open enough to try it :) "


Miss T.G., 30, PR Manager and head of communications


"I'm still moved and shaken from our session together. It is truly wonderful how much information you can read out of the hands. I not only recognized myself 100% in every issue that was addressed, you even addressed topics that I had quietly thought about but then dismissed as daydreaming. And your analysis convinced me that they were important insights about myself that want to be lived. Wow, what a gift to receive so much acknowledgment and validation. Now I can combine my strengths differently and get started. Thank you so much for the groundbreaking advice and clarity."
Miss G.G., 44, Counsellor


"The hand analysis with Miss Glanville-Wallis was to my amazement very true and relevant. I was surprised how much can be read out of the hands. There is deeply hidden information which one - if then only subconsciously - knows und in my opinion should know, in order to gather the courage to walk the path that we're meant for. I also learnt a lot about myself, partly things I already knew and admit to:-) but also many things I didn't know. And that felt like a cloud had disappeared and I could see clearer. It was a true compass for me, in which direction I should and wish to go. Thank you for this extraordinary experience."


Miss R.C, dancer, actress, choreographer and singer.



"Thank you for the lovely and insightful analysis. You reflected me in every point and I'm glad I made use of your services."


App user



"One hour with Mrs Glanville-Wallis. One hour of old and new insights. Exciting impulses. Intentions. Analytical and inspiring. I chuckled about the truth, laughed  inwardly at the truth, was very thoughtful regarding some of the addressed aspects and I was astonished by the identified intricacies. A person who was a stranger to me could look into my soul. Strengths, weaknesses, tasks, goals, paths. This is not magic. Hand analysis is a science. I will consolidate the strengths. Compensate the weaknesses. Define the tasks. My goal is clear. Thank you for this wonderful hour! Greetings from Betty von Tupb."


Mrs Betty von Tupb, Managing Director and artist.



"Thank you, the analysis was very good!!! I'm looking for a new job therefore it was a great help."


App user



" I am wowed by Natalie Glanville-Wallis and her analysis. She described 3 points in my life and hit the nail on the head. At first I was a little sceptical, but for the few euros I thought I'd give it a try. As I listened to her analysis I was speechless, she'd never met me!!!! She had only seen the photos of my hands but I could immediately confirm the first two points she addressed and when she mentioned the 3rd point I burst into tears. I've decided to try the big analysis with the fingerprints as well. So a definite recommendation."


Mr.K., App user



"The hand analysis made me curious and was extremely fascinating. Although I believe at the age of 51 to have found my life purpose and the meaning of my life, the conversation we had moved me very deeply nevertheless and got me thinking, because Miss Glanville-Wallis gently pushed me in another direction, which very much stimulates me. And it all sounds very plausible, although I approached the evaluation with some skepticism. I warmly recommend a consultation."


Mrs U.H., 51, financial advisor



"I came to you without expectations, however full of curiosity and I have to say: It was a very nice experience. I recognized myself in every comment and drove home feeling encouraged and fortified. With the feeling that I have a life purpose after all and it’s worth discovering."


Miss D.B., 32, TV production



"Miss Glanville-Wallis’ hand analysis was unbelievably fascinating. The confidential basis and accurate analysis of my personality convinced me and ultimately helped me recognize hidden skills and qualities in myself. Since then I have confidently been able to translate my artistic potential into reality. It is such fun! A good piece of life coaching."


Mr H.F., 54, qualified land surveyor



"I asked Miss Glanville-Wallis for a hand analysis for my children (2,5 and 1,5 years old) and for myself. The analysis was carried out with empathy, patience and kindness and conveyed certitude and expertise. I found my children’s analysis particularly moving and it enabled me to see them from a different perspective. Now, since my big one has started pre-school, the difficulties she had to acclimatize are easier for me to deal with because I can respond to her better. My own analysis also inspired me to develop myself professionally."


Mrs I.S., 39, speech therapist and voice and rhetoric trainer







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